Water Monitoring

Solution – DeviceLynk for Water Facilities


“DeviceLynk is very easy to install and maintain, and doesn’t require a specialized engineer or consultant – which is really important to us since our water treatment sites are located in remote communities. That alone dramatically reduces our project and travel costs.”

Justin Hazenberg
Engineering Team Lead, Community Operations
Government of Northwest Territories

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For most Water providers, their mission is to cost-effectively and reliably provide clean water reliably to the communities that they service. The costs associated with infrastructure (pipe systems, equipment and facilities) are long term capital investments and must be managed effectively to meet that vision. DeviceLynk effectively supports that goal by providing real-time visibility to operators without the need for expensive technology upgrades.

  • Increase visibility to remote water assets and processes
  • Receive real-time notifications when water quality is unsafe
  • Eliminate rounds or travel time associated with monitoring disparate equipment
  • Consistent reporting across region with improved accuracy and timeliness
  • Guarantee communities receive clean, safe drinking water and that waste water is processed efficiently and completely minimizing environmental impact

For organizations with remote or centralized assets, such as Water Treatment Plants, DeviceLynk’s Industrial IoT Solution for Water is capable of connecting to existing systems and equipment, upgrading rather than replacing, in order to provide process and equipment data:

  • DeviceLynk Certified Hardware is connected to existing systems & equipment
  • Data is automatically sent to the cloud by DeviceLynk Certified Hardware
  • Decision makers access DeviceLynk’s cloud-based Actionable Intelligence Dashboards

Existing systems and equipment are quickly and easily tagged and added to the application with no coding or engineering required. Start with one of DeviceLynk’s Water templates, or build your own customs dashboards and reports from a library of over 100 gadgets. The Actionable Intelligence created by DeviceLynk provides water companies with an easy to deploy system that automates reporting, and includes a central audit-able record of data that meets regulatory requirements. DeviceLynk lets companies modernize infrastructure, run it to end of life, and empower a mobile workforce without a large capital investment.

Drilling Management Dashboard


Industrial IoT Technology
Utilize Industrial IoT technology to connect remote assets and deliver Actionable Intelligence to decision makers:

  • Increase visibility to water assets and processes
  • Consistent reporting across region with improved accuracy for regulatory compliance
  • DeviceLynk’s easy-to-deploy solution does not require system integration, and can be setup without any IT experience

With built-in connectivity to all major automation vendors, you can modernize – rather than replace – existing systems and equipment, eliminating expensive capital investments. Connect to:

  • 200+ industrial protocols
  • Local telemetry network
  • PLCs/RTUs
  • Mobile equipment
  • Sensors

Where you want it, when you need it
Eliminate rounds or travel time associated with monitoring disparate equipment:

  • Receive notifications when water quality is unsafe
  • View equipment data and function on-demand
  • Mobile staff can view real-time data from desktop, tablet, or phone

Actionable Intelligence
Increase visibility to your remote water assets and processes, with DeviceLynk’s Situational Awareness-based dashboards:

  • Color indicates conditions where action must be taken
  • Drag ‘n drop dashboards
  • Standard gadget library
  • No engineering or scripting
  • SSL-based security