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Solution – DeviceLynk & Libelium Smart Water Monitoring

DeviceLynk creates Actionable Intelligence for the water industry – providing water companies an easy-to-deploy system, with real-time visibility into operations, and enabling users to quickly determine when & where action is needed. This insight allows organizations to achieve new levels of reliability, productivity, and quality – while reducing costs and saving time through improved resource utilization.

For those looking to monitor remote assets, with limited to no existing infrastructure, DeviceLynk and Libelium have partnered to create an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solution for water quality monitoring, capable of transforming Libelium Smart Water sensor data into Actionable Intelligence in 3 easy steps:

  • Sensors are deployed into the field
  • Data is automatically collected and sent to the cloud by the DeviceLynk Agent embedded within Libelium’s Meshlium IoT Gateway
  • Decision makers access DeviceLynk’s cloud-based Actionable Intelligence Dashboards

New sensor locations are quickly and easily added to the system with no coding or engineering required. Simply install the sensors at your desired location, type a serial number into DeviceLynk.com, and immediately begin collecting, storing and visualizing water quality information. Start with DeviceLynk’s Water Quality application dashboards, or build your own from a library of over 100 gadgets.

DeviceLynk automatically monitors your data for preset conditions, and sends notifications by e-mail or SMS when action needs to be taken. The DeviceLynk and Libelium Smart Water Monitoring application is a simple, cost effective Industrial IoT solution.

Libelium SMART Water Kit

Libelium Meshlium Wireless Gateway and Waspmote Sensors

Application Examples

Application Description Sensors
Potable water monitoring Monitor the quality of tap water in cities pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Chemical leakages Detect leakages and wastes of factories in rivers Extreme pH values signal chemical spills, Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Swimming pool remote measurement Remotely control swimming pool conditions pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
Pollution levels in the sea Control real-time leakages and wastes in the sea Conductivity (Salinity), pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Libelium SMART Water Dashboard

Hardware Components

Item Qty
Meshlium 802.15.4-PRO-3G-AP 1
Plug & Sense! Smart Water 802.15.4-PRO 5dBi 3
Conductivity 5m Sensor Probe 3
pH 5m Sensor Probe 3
Oxidation Reduction Potential 5m Sensor Probe 3
Conductivity Calibration Kit, K=0.1 1
Conductivity Calibration Kit, K=1 1
Item Qty
Conductivity Calibration Kit, K=10 1
ORP Calibration Solution 3
pH Calibration kit 3
Dissolved Oxygen 1m Sensor Probe 3
DO Calibration Kit 1
Soil/Water temperature (Pt-1000) 2m Sensor Probe 3
6600mAh rechargeable battery + external solar panel 3


Connectivity Options

DeviceLynk & Libelium Smart Water Monitoring has several connectivity options to meet your infrastructure and project requirements. Connect via Libelium’s Meshlium IoT Gateway, or IoT-ready LPWA (Low-Power-Wide-Area) network:

Libelium Meshlium – IoT Gateway:

  • Pre-loaded with DeviceLynk Agent for IoT connectivity
  • Automatically connect Waspmote sensors with any of the supported Meshlium local networks (ZigBee, 802.15.4, 868, 900, LoRaWAN, LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, 3G/GPRS and Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Data is sent to Cloud with any available internet connection (Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, or GPRS)
  • Supports Libelium IoT Kits (Smart Water, Smart Environment, etc), or build your own!
  • Store & forward data in case of interruptions in signal – up to 8GB internet memory
  • Industrial strength, IP-65 rated waterproof enclosure for harsh environments

SIGFOX – LPWA Network:

  • Connect Waspmote ‘Plug-n-Sense’ units directly to DeviceLynk, no Meshlium Gateway required
  • LPWA (Low-Power-Wide-Area) Network – dedicated to IoT
  • Low power: greatly increase battery life of sensors – up to 10 years
  • Wide area: connect sensors across entire operation with coverage in 24 countries worldwide
  • Low cost: orders of magnitude less expensive than cellular connectivity

Senet – LoRA LPWA Network:

  • Connect Waspmote ‘Plug-n-Sense’ units directly to DeviceLynk, no Meshlium Gateway required
  • LPWA (Low-Power-Wide-Area) Network – IoT ready with LoRA technology
  • Low power: greatly increase battery life of sensors – up to 10 years
  • Lower costs compared to WiFi, cellular, satellite
  • Long range: 15 miles rural, 5 miles urban
  • Security: AES-128 CCM, privacy, authenticity and message integrity are assured end-to-end



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Your DeviceLynk Trial includes:

  • Full administrator access to DeviceLynk’s cloud-based application
  • Connect and stream data from Libelium Waspmote connected sensors via the Meshlium Gateway, SIGFOX, or Senet Wide Area (LoRa) Networks
  • Create user defined gadgets, reports, & dashboards from real-time and historical data
  • Gain Actionable Intelligence for operations

Using Industrial IoT technology, DeviceLynk collects and transmits data from remote equipment & systems to the cloud, allowing decision makers to access critical data anywhere, anytime.

Deliver Actionable Intelligence with DeviceLynk – real-time visibility into operations that enables users to quickly determine when & where action is needed.


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