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We’ve partnered with Ammolite Resource Technologies to deliver Drilling Management Expertise as a Service (EaaS). Ammolite operates a centralized support team offering 24 hour connectivity to monitor, operate, and analyze drilling operations.

Drilling Management is all about increasing the cost effectiveness of drilling teams in the field. Traditional data requirements and processes present constraints that limit the visibility and availability of critical information that can be used to improve overall performance. Specifically, these methodologies do not provide increasingly useful decision making information such as:

  • Ensuring drill operators remain within the predefined engineering limitations of equipment
  • Tracking the service life of pumps, motors, generators and other equipment
  • Aggregating drilling information in real-time across multiple sites and personnel
  • Increasing visibility of information for rapid decision making to ensure project completion

DeviceLynk provides the tools for streamlining the information exchange and utilization process for drilling management. By delivering that information in a context that encourages the adoption of best practices, companies can achieve optimal results not just from a drilling performance perspective, but also long-term over the lifetime of the operation.

  • Drilling performance optimization – reduce overall cost per meter drilled
  • Monitoring machine health – better planning of equipment maintenance to coincide with operations where downtime can be minimized or avoided
  • Improved data visibility – streamline the decision making process
  • Long term cost savings – based on proper equipment utilization and reduced servicing costs

Actionable Intelligence for Drilling Management

DeviceLynk typically connects directly to rig equipment using the WITS protocol, though additional protocols are available. By aggregating data from all equipment and providing comprehensive dashboards, DeviceLynk provides operations with an accurate picture of the drill’s current status, as well as a complete electronic history of drilling activities without reliance on handwritten reports or manual reporting that could take hours to days to acquire.

LAS ExportWithin the dashboards, gadgets have been specifically developed to aid in the visualization and understanding of the drilling process including a rosebud diagram to indicate drill bit direction, gauges to monitor and alert when tools are being operated outside of engineering specifications, vertical strip logs, and the ability to generate LAS files on demand for geologists offsite.

Every aspect of the drilling process can be independently measured and dashboarded to provide Actionable Intelligence, including:

  • Current Depth and Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Survey Data and Drilling Parameters
  • Drill Bit and Toolface Monitoring
  • Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Tool Monitoring
  • Mud Pump Details

In addition, web based access allows companies to gain greater insight into their drilling operations from anywhere and take advantage of new services such as “Expertise-as-a-Service” or EaaS, which aims to provide centralized drilling expertise spread across multiple sites remotely.

DeviceLynk for Drilling Management means kicking-off faster with a more precise well and less wear-and-tear on equipment, providing greater production and less maintenance over the operation’s lifetime.

Drilling Management Dashboard