Solution – District Energy

District Energy faces many challenges in the daily operation of their systems, from manual processes and operational visibility to customer behavior and communication infrastructure. By using an Industrial IoT solution from DeviceLynk, District Energy providers and users can easily achieve full visibility, while saving time and money.

International District Energy Association

  • Eliminate on-site meter reading trips by staff
  • Gain remote operational and maintenance information
  • Enhance billing reports for customer awareness
  • Remove complex communication infrastructure requirements
  • Evaluate customer behavior usage and optimization opportunities

District Energy Diagram

DeviceLynk offers District Energy companies a solution that provides information and delivers value to customers, generation plant staff, management, and mobile workforces.

  • Generation plant staff can quickly view run-time information outside of the plant walls, without risk of affecting production.
  • Mobile maintenance staff have detailed information about customer sites and building systems from a single dashboard, enabling them to make more informed customer visits and recommendations towards energy efficiency.
  • Customers can view real-time and historical information about their current energy usage, in a context that makes sense. Empowering customers with data when making capital investment decisions for energy efficiencies and allowing them the ability to remotely view all aspects of their energy usage.

DeviceLynk is a cloud-based technology package that delivers operational visibility, on the go, with limited infrastructure requirements. Reduce traditional burdens associated with supervisory systems and benefit from Industrial IoT innovations to focus on what you do best.

Feature Highlights:

Historically trend all aspects of energy consumption within the
district grid to drive energy optimization programs

Heating Degree Days

Monitor equipment health metrics to reduce maintenance
costs and identify problems early

Equipment Metrics

Setup secure data communications infrastructure
using existing cellular networks

Communication Infrastructure

Provide customers with energy profiles of their real-time usage

District Energy Profile