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Solution – Directive 055 AER – Storage Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry

The Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 055 inspections of primary and secondary containment systems, originally introduced in 1995, provides guidance in relation to the construction and maintenance of above ground storage tanks for the upstream oil and gas industry. Directive 055 covers well sites, gas batteries, oil and bitumen batteries, treating plants, compressor stations, straddle plants, gas processing facilities, pump stations, tanks farms, oil loading and unloading facilities, and oilfield waste facilities.

With the recent focus on overfill prevention, operators are encouraged to search for cost effective solutions to satisfy their level measurement and monitoring needs. Read Directive 055 to learn about the latest requirements and regulations in the oil & gas industry.


Actionable Intelligence for Storage Compliance

DeviceLynk collects and stores data from all holding tank sensors points, transmitting and storing it safely and securely. This data is automatically turned into ‘Actionable Intelligence’ dashboards, displaying real-time and historical trends, and generating reports to satisfy internal and external auditors. Maintenance staff receives alerts and/or alarms by SMS or e-mail for equipment that requires their attention, and can quickly log on from any web-browser to check severity and plan their route. DeviceLynk also lets you create a maintenance note, tagged to a specific area or piece of equipment, and upload images from your mobile device when at site. With built-in data historization, DeviceLynk can help you maintain compliance in keeping records for a minimum of 5 years.

Use DeviceLynk’s Directive 055 Application to monitor all of your remote assets, reduce environmental impact, and quickly achieve your companies’ Directive 055 responsibilities.

Access data from multiple sites from any web-browser on any device

View real-time and historical information on easy-to-read dashboards

Connectivity Options

DeviceLynk has several connectivity options to meet your infrastructure and project requirements, easily connecting to sensors with Class 1 Div. 2 certified hardware options, on any network – including Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, GPRS, or LPWA Network – with no engineering or programming required.

Hardware Connectivity Options:

DeviceLynk Certified Hardware – connect with existing or new tank sensors and provide Actionable Intelligence with remote monitoring capabilities:

  • Connect to Libelium sensors, LoRA Network, or existing equipment & systems with 200+ built-in protocols
  • Pre-loaded with DeviceLynk Agent for IoT connectivity
  • Data is automatically sent to Cloud via Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, GPRS, or LoRA WAN
  • Store & forward data in case of interruptions in signal – up to 8GB internal memory
  • Industrial strength, IP-65 & Class 1 Div. 2 waterproof enclosures available for harsh environments

Emerson Rosemount Sensors

Libelium Sensors

  • Solar powered with internal and external panel
  • Choose from 11 models with over 110 sensor types
  • Industrial strength, IP-65 rated waterproof enclosure for harsh environments
  • Industrial Protocols: RS-232, RS-485, 4-20 mA, Modbus, CAN Bus
  • Over the Air (OTA) Programming

Wireless Connectivity Options:


SIGFOX Network – LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Network – dedicated to IoT

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Senet Network – Long Range LPWA Network – IoT ready with LoRA (Long Range) technology

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Cellular – DeviceLynk Certified Hardware comes with built-in cellular connectivity – just enter your SIM card

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Your DeviceLynk Trial includes:

  • Full administrator access to DeviceLynk’s cloud-based application
  • Connect and stream data from equipment & systems via the DeviceLynk Agent for Windows, Linux, Libelium, Matrikon, Kepware, Sigfox and more!
  • Create user defined gadgets, reports, & dashboards from real-time and historical data
  • Gain Actionable Intelligence for operations

Using Industrial IoT technology, DeviceLynk collects and transmits data from remote equipment & systems to the cloud, allowing decision makers to access critical data anywhere, anytime.

Deliver Actionable Intelligence with DeviceLynk – real-time visibility into operations that enables users to quickly determine when & where action is needed.


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