Burner Management

Burner Management

Solution – Burner Management

Burner Location MapAcross oil fields there are dozens to hundreds of burner systems operating autonomously in the field. Whether they’re flare stacks, heater controls or other industrial burners, all of them require automated management systems to operate safely and effectively. Unfortunately, that often means a technician in a truck drives around to review each system to ensure it continues to operate within parameters. What if you could do that from anywhere?

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel by staff
  • Provide remote visibility, as well as start/stop/reset capability
  • Enhance existing controllers with Industrial IoT functionality

That’s what the DeviceLynk Burner Management solution aims to solve. Providing standardized dashboard templates for mapping and monitoring every burner system in the field, from a single interface. Regardless of the controller brand, DeviceLynk offers a hardware and software package that augments existing in the field burner systems with IoT capability to increase visibility and reduce travel requirements.

Feature Highlights:

Burner Management Gadget

  • Dashboards & Gadgets – visual system status, device identification information, real-time values and setpoints and date/time history range view.
  • Start/Stop/Reset – user permission dependent remote Start/Stop/Reset functionality with ‘Flame Fail’ lockout for safety.
  • Add/View Notes – user specific notes, time-stamped and tagged to the controller, with the ability to upload photos.
  • Alarm Report – select time range and view from defined period, detailed view of all controller registers at time of alarm and export to .csv for further analysis.
  • Detailed View – view/export all current controller values to .csv for further analysis.
  • Export Data – select time range, data points to export to .csv, with preview window.