Actionable Intelligence

1. Actionable intelligence by focusing attention

DeviceLynk uses an approach based upon industrial Situational Awareness principals to create Actionable Intelligence, that enables users to quickly scan critical information to determine if any action must be taken. The limited use of color enables fast and easy recognition of abnormal conditions.

2. Standard gadget library

DeviceLynk’s gadget library contains maps, trends, sliders and more – offering a wide range of visibility options enabling users to rapidly build dashboards that suit their exact needs.

3. Organization is key

Dashboards are modeled into a four-level hierarchical structure providing an effective drill-down methodology for grouping data. The pop-out navigation bar provides a full list of available dashboards based on user settings. Within Dashboards, Gadgets can be grouped into sections for greater organizational control of relational data.

4. No engineering or scripting required

Admin users configure data connections, alarms, dashboards and users, rather than programming or scripting, enabling quick and easy deployment while keeping ongoing management painless.

5. Security

DeviceLynk employs multiple levels of security including authenticated user access, data encryption, firewall compatibility and infrastructure protection.