Industrial IoT

DeviceLynk embraces Industrial IoT technology by creating informative dashboards that are cloud based and capable of collecting and visualizing data from any connected device.

DeviceLynk utilizes an Agent installed on local connectivity hardware to gather data from field assets and other equipment using standard protocols. These Agents push data to the DeviceLynk application, hosted in the cloud, to create dashboards that provide actionable intelligence.

DeviceLynk Dashboard

Dashboards for Industrial IoT

Every dashboard begins with base gadgets chosen from our standard library to which data is configured to best represent what is important to your users. Setup is done through a simple administrator interface for dashboard, data and user management – no engineering or scripting is required.

DeviceLynk Anywhere

Actionable Intelligence anywhere, anytime

DeviceLynk’s dashboard elements realign themselves to make the best use of available screen space and are accessible via any HTML5 enabled web browser on any mobile device – simply login to DeviceLynk using your secure credentials!

DeviceLynk Buyer’s Experience Video